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Pop Culture Interruption is run by Kaitlin Thomas.

I started this website in October 2011 as an outlet for my obsessive and endless thoughts on the happenings in the world of popular culture today, specifically in television. I’ve been recapping and reviewing TV for years, whether it was for friends, my college newspaper or via my Tumblr, forcing my TV-related thoughts on the unsuspecting has been something I’ve loved to do my entire life. Now I get paid to do it at TV.com, but every once in awhile, the mood strikes and I just have to write about silly fangirl stuff that’s not always appropriate at work.

A tad bit about me: After earning a BA in journalism and history from Ohio Wesleyan University, I worked very hard at pretending to be happy not writing about television for a living. I also worked very hard to appear as if I was a normal person who didn’t think about telelvsion all the time. Eventually, I gave up, moved to Los Angeles, landed a job writing about television for TV.com, and now I’m here. Born in Columbus, Ohio, I have a big love for Big Ten football, sweater weather, and whiskey. I have a less than socially acceptable obsession with Neil Patrick Harris and quite an intense dislike for Oprah Winfrey and people who wear leggings as pants.

A few more facts before we get this thing started:

– Kyle Chandler winning the Emmy was one of the greatest moments of my life. It makes me smile to this day.

– Meeting Neil Patrick Harris was also one of the greatest moments of my life. I didn’t even poop my pants.

– Never far from my heart are ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Friday Night Lights’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘The West Wing’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek’. And I’ve been known to use them to support my own thought processes in many an argument.

– I count Joss Whedon, Conan O’Brien, and JK Rowling among the people I admire most.

– My dog is named Riggins.

When I am not watching TV, working for TV.com, or sleeping, I spend a lot of time reading young adult books, because they’re far superior to the hoity-toity more adult books. Among my favorite authors are Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, JK Rowling and Jasper Fforde.


Have a question? Feel free to contact me at popcultureinterruption@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter.